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Quality in Director Projects

One of the music CDs I got for the holidays had the “Made with Macromedia” symbol on it. Now you don’t need to use this symbol any more, starting with MX 2004. But this was a 2001 CD. Still, I was surprised to see that the projector on the “enhanced” portion of the CD was […]

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What Would You Like In the Next Version of Director?

Some of my mailing lists are now discussing “wish lists” for the next version of Director. Some of the suggestions, as usual, are excellent. But I feel that others are way over the top — requests for features that would be hard for the Director engineers to implement but would be rarely used. Or, worse, […]

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Apple Recommends Shockwave-based Education Solution

Check out this page on the Apple site which recommends Gizmos, a Shockwave-based education system. Nice to see a high profile Shockwave product like this getting attention, without them feeling the need to mention that it is Shockwave.

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Ford Fiesta Shockwave 3D Game

Barry Swan, of has developed a very nice racing game for Ford. You can see it at Nice and simple. Good physics. Yet another Shockwave 3D success story.

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MX04 Publish Template Broken

I was just shocked to see that if you publish as “8.5” in MX 2004 and use the “Detect Shockwave” HTML template setting, you get JavaScript on the HTML that is incapable of dealing with Shockwave version 10 on non-IE browsers. In other words, it thinks that if you have version 10.1, you have version […]

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