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Article on Game Development in Colorado

The Denver Business Journal interviewed several game developers from Colorado, including myself, for an article. The print edition came out on Friday and included a nice picture of me and Will as well. You can read the article online starting today.

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Groove Creator Now Working on 3D IM Games

Thanks to Darrel Plant for pointing out a article, originally published in the New Your Times about my old friend Jules Urbach. Jules is teh co-founder of 3D Groove. Originally an Xtra for Director that allowed you to do 3D way before the current 3D Xtra. Groove is now a stand-alone product. And, according to […]

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Where I Think Director is Going

This is a tough thought to ponder. Since I may or may not know about what the engineers are thinking about for the next release, I would prefer to not think about the very next release. Instead, I will think about the far future — Director 13 or 14. Mind you, this is purely speculation. […]

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The Future of Director is Bright

I was recently asked about Director’s future. I’m very optimistic, basically. I’ve got some good reasons for being so. 1. I believe that DMX and DMX04 are selling well. No concrete info here, since Macromedia doesn’t release sales figures. But I get that feeling from the people I talk to at Macromedia. 2. The know […]

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Macromedia MAX Conference Under Way

So this is the first time since the mid 90s that I have missed a Macromedia conference. The last one, MAX at Salt Lake City, was fun but just didn’t have enough Director stuff to interest me. There was a ton of Flash stuff, but almost all of it was about “business enterprise” applications rather […]

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