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Game Camera for Shockwave and Flash

I came across PlaydoCAM today. Looks to be an “eyeToy” for Shockwave and Flash. Well, not really the hardware, but the software. It works with an “ordinary web camera”. It works without any new Xtras, so it must be using Flash’s ability to get cam input. It probably does this through the Flash Xtra for […]

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Macromedia Promotes Shockwave with Election Game

Macromedia has put up a game at their site to promote Shockwave downloads. It is interesting because this is actually a game AT Macromedia’s site. Rarely has Macromedia ever funded game creation. This is part of their new initiative to promote Shockwave and increase the percentage of people that have the Shockwave player. It is […]

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Blog Comments More Trouble Than They Are Worth?

So I just switched this blog over to a new system that will accept reader comments on any post. I did this 4 days ago. So far, I have receieved 1 user comment and about 180 spam comments. The first two blocks of 60 spam comments went straight up on to the board. I got […]

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Best Shockwave 3D Game Ever

I got a chance to take a look at a retail CD-ROM game developed in Director using the 3D Xtra. It is called Kaptein Sabeltann (Captain Sabertooth) and is on sale in Europe. It was developed by Artplant, with coding by a friend of mine, Luca Meijer. It has tons of smooth character animation and […]

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Forcing a Full Shockwave Install

Many of your may or may not know, but the install Shockwave process just changed a few weeks back. Now, when a user without any version of Shockwave at all encounters Shockwave in Internet Explorer for the first time, they are given a bare-bones install of Shockwave. This install doesn’t include any of the Xtras, […]

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