Quality in Director Projects

One of the music CDs I got for the holidays had the “Made with Macromedia” symbol on it. Now you don’t need to use this symbol any more, starting with MX 2004. But this was a 2001 CD. Still, I was surprised to see that the projector on the “enhanced” portion of the CD was a Director 7.0 projector. In 2001, this should have been a n 8.5 projector. Maybe I could have forgiven an 8.0. But 7.0 just told me the person that did the projector was not a “pro”. Worse, the default projector icon was used. Another sign of an amateur. Then, to make it even worse, a “Not for Resale” message indicated that the projector was made with the educational or trial version of Director. Oy.
The projector itself was unnecessary as all it did was provide a playback wrapper for a QuickTime movie. But if you have to install QuickTime anyway, why not use the QuickTime player for this? The QuickTime player would have way more controls and options than this simple projector. I wonder how much this amateur got paid to produce this piece of crap.
Anyone know how this stuff happens? Who makes these bad decisions in both the music and DVD industry?

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