Eric Dybsand

On April 15, Eric passed away. He was one of the founders of the Colorado Game Developers group, which I have been a member of for the last 8 years or so. For most of that time he “ran” the group, always stepping back when someone else was willing to lead, but always making sure that the meetings went on as planned and obtained a certain level of “interesting”.
He was known by a lot of people as “one of the AI guys” at the annual Game Developers Conference. He was one of three AI specialists who ran a series of roundtables every year.
Eric made it his mission at our local meetings and at the large conference that new people should feel welcome. He always had time to talk to new people — even students who were years away from being in the industry. I was one of those new people when I first started going to the local meetings, in fact. It is because of his influence that I moved further into game development at the development community.
There is a memorial Web site at where you can read more about him.

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