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On Inspiration, Meditation and Road Trips

I just finished reading a book where the author often refers to visions or revealing experiences that led to his philosophy of life. I hated the book. I have my own philosophy of life, and it is very different from his. My philosophy has no room for visions, miracles, muses, mystical dreams, angels or other […]

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Why Should We Care About Rumors?

Why do people care about tech rumors? I should care. I’m a self-described Apple fanboy, gadget freak, geek, programmer and on top of that, a media junkie. So you’d think that I would care deeply about every rumor article, insider’s blog post and pundit’s tweet. But it is all garbage. First of all, rumor journalism […]

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Hug? No Thanks, I’m Good.

I hate the whole introvert/extrovert thing. Don’t like defining other people with single words. Certainly don’t like defining myself with a single word. I like going out, being around people. I don’t like having to start conversations with people I don’t know (AKA “networking”) and I’m not big on physical contact with strangers?—?anything more than […]

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Has Adobe Lost Its Mind?

So I came across a new story today that says that if you use Director 12 to make a paid iOS app, you have to give 10% of your revenue above $20,000 to Adobe. First of all: What? There’s a Director 12? I stopped using it around Director MX 2004 (version 10, I guess). But […]

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Adding Value With Educational Apps

I’ve been thinking a lot about value recently. How much value am I creating? In other words, am I making the world a better place? Now not everyone can directly make the world a better place. For most of us it is more than enough to just find a way to earn a living that […]

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