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Poor Pluto

We just tried our first full-length animated music video. Threw it together in 3 days. It is a “They Might Be Giants”-inspired song about Pluto. Check it out here: If you like it, do me a big favor and Digg it here:

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Tom Higgins Leaves Adobe

Tom has been on the Director team for 8 years, in charge of developer relations for the last few, and in charge of Director since the merger. He announced on his blog today that he is leaving. He says it is a personal thing, and nothing to do with Director’s future. Tom was a great […]

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Net Neutrality Podcast Music Video

We just released a music video of sorts. It uses clips from some of the most popular video podcasts, like Geek Brief, Ask a Ninja, RocketBoom and so on. Dig It here.

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MTV Buys

Yep: Viacom’s MTV Networks Agrees to Acquire Atom Entertainment. Not sure how this will affect Shockwave developers. has only been using that name as a name recently. The content there is more Flash and other things than Shockwave. Atom does pay Macromedia (now Adobe) to use that name, and some of that money goes […]

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Finally featured on iTunes, sorta

Well, I can’t say we’re not featured on iTunes anymore. Hurray! I’m still hoping to get featured in the powerful “video podcasts” list, but for now, Podcast Salad is indeed featured in the “Technology / Podcasting” subcategory. We’re also in the top 20 for that same subcategory. In addition, the GameSpotter podcast is now in […]

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